You win, Full Sail Brewery. You win.

One of the best things about a road trip are the discoveries; the things you don’t map out even though you probably should have. 

We hit the gold mine right around Hood River, Oregon. It was about that time when your stomach starts to grumble and the road signs that show you what food options are in your immediate vicinity take on monumental importance. Our hunger pains coincided perfectly with the exit for Full Sail Brewery, located right on the river with stunning views of Oregon’s windsurfing and kite-boarding mecca. 

I’d fallen hard for the Brewery’s limited edition summer lager early on in our Oregon visit, but this meal took my Full Sail obsession to new heights. 

What does Full Sail win, you ask? 

Since we’re now safely settled in Boston, where I ate for four years while in college, and are headed to my home in Vermont, where my mom will take over the job of quelling our tummy rumbles, this awesome brewery has the distinction of feeding us the best meal we had all trip

You heard me right, folks. THE. BEST. MEAL. Just take a look at the hummus plate we got as an appetizer. I’ve eaten many a hummus plate in my day, but this one is a masterpiece. 

The BF was intrigued by their beer and cheese soup, and his curiosity was rewarded with a smokey, creamy, borderline sultry bowl of beer-cheesy goodness. 

As for me, I ordered their fish sandwich: Alaskan salmon battered with their Session Lager and covered in spicy coleslaw and an ingenious combination of tartar and cocktail sauce. Because let’s just be honest with ourselves: when you’re eating seafood, you really want both those condiments involved. 

It wouldn’t have been a stop at Full Sail without beer, so the gentleman and I split their seasonal sampler, an awesome mash-up of brewers specials and summery experiments on tap. There’s a very specific kind of fun that is tasting beer with someone you think you know, since you’re both bound to be surprised about what you find out about the other one’s taste buds. 

Cheers to good surprises. 

P.S. This is who was waiting to say goodbye to us as we headed back out on the road, a few hours before deciding to crash at our only sketchy motel stop for the entirety of the drive. Touche, Full Sail.